| For the 2019 edition of Game of Code, SES and GovSat have developed a fictive use case of an imaginary company called ACME Sat.

ACME Sat is (a fictive) satcom provider that offers managed satcom services to customers worldwide and is committed to provide best in class secure satellite communications; therefore information security is one of their top priorities. In their continuous effort to differentiate themselves in the market, they are launching a call-out to coders, information security enthusiasts and anyone willing to accept the challenge.

Your role

You will act as strategic advisor and integrator for the information security department of ACME Sat.

Your mission

Assess today’s satellite communication principles, especially in the information security context, and design and implement a solution that brings improvements to this ecosystem. Focusing on all components of satellite delivered services: cyber security, access control in unmanned locations, social engineering etc. is what ACME Sat is mostly interested.

The environment

Consider a classical satellite communication ecosystem which includes end-users as systems but most importantly as humans, satellite terminals (antennas), radio-frequency links, satellite itself, access to public terrestrial infrastructure and so on.

Your tools

There is no restrictions on technologies, platforms, programming language. You are free to define the scenario, but keep in mind the quality of the proposed scenario will also be evaluated.

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