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The development of space technology is moving faster now than at any time in the past 50 years and space will continue to have a profound effect on humanity. Space offers vast opportunities, whether it’s delivering connectivity to transform the lives of over 3 billion unconnected people, changing the way we manage the trillions of devices that will form the internet of things or exploring the universe.

Your mission - in only 24 hours - is to create an app/piece of software/program mixing space technology with the adequate coding. You’ll form a team made of a wide variety of people and skills to create innovation out of this world!

In case your need our guidance for your mission… There are no limitations to your tool set and creativity. Note that following example missions are offered only to help you brainstorm! Your creativity is what sets the boundaries. Ask an SES rep / organizer if you need support!

Satellite Technology

  1. Spectrum optimisation of traffic and satellite connectivity
  2. Build predictions based on cached data to prepare and prevent gateway failure, optimise capacity for a film popularity, or tackle the illegal video content distribution
  3. “Planet Express” – Data fusion algorithm for quick identification of cubesats at separation – Ask us for more information about this ready-made case

Space Exploration

  1. Simulate a mission of a rover landing on another planet using computed graphic visualisations 
  2. Break the barriers of time and space creating interplanetary communications using AI 
  3. Correlate various data sets and determine a strategic future for the space industry
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