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    How can I register?

    Please find a registration form here.

    Is the participation free?

    Registration fee is €450€ excl.VAT for a corporate team of up to 4 people. Job seekers and students can register individually at the preferential rate of €30 excl.VAT. Corporate registration as well as individual registration offer access to the competition, food and drinks during the whole event. Please refer to the registration page for more information.

    How can I build my team?

    You can build it now by inviting your friends. You can also build it on-site, match making based on compatibility will be organized on the first day.

    Can I/my team come with a coach?

    You can register with your coach who will be able to accompany you during the whole challenge as well as pitch on stage if needed. Your coach participation (including food and drinks for the 2 days) will be charged €30 exVAT.

    Why should I register a team from my company?

    A company registration includes an access for your team and 3 supporters (meals included). This option will give you the opportunity to highlight your employees’ skills and your company’s expertise. Logo and presentation of your company will be on our communication supports and on the event website offering you a great visibility.

    I am a developer. What language can I use?

    There is almost no restriction. Every technology that can be read into a web browser or into a web view is allowed: JavaScript, PHP, Flash, Java, Python, Unity…

    I am a designer. Can I join the competition?

    You can take part in the challenge « Distorted Reality », open to every talent. Diversity brings great content.

    Should I bring my computer?

    Yes, it’s mandatory. No computer or software will be provided.

    Can I use pre-existing libraries/frameworks?

    No problem, if they are open source

    Is there wifi access?

    Yes, you will benefit from ethernet and wifi access.

    Can I bring and use some external devices?

    Yes, any device is welcome to enrich final user experience: Webcam, kinect, arduino…

    Can I participate with my team to the both challenges ?

    Yes. You will have to produce two applications in the same amount of time. If you plan to provide only one application for the both contests, pay attention to not be off-topic.

    If I want to register to the both challenges, do I have to pay twice ?

    No, the registration fee is for the whole event.

    How long does the competition last?

    The real challenge will begin on Friday at 6:30pm and end on Saturday, at 6:30pm. That means a total of 24h. But your presence is required during the whole event.

    How will the jury evaluate the competitors?

    The jury will be allowed to exchange with the competitors at any time of the competition. A deliberation session will take place on Saturday afternoon. The teams will have the opportunity to defend their project during a pitch session. The award ceremony will be held at 10:30pm.


    Please find the detailed programme here.

    Who are the jury members?

    The jury is composed of experts from different fields (code, design, security…). A full list of its members will be unveiled before the event.


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