March 8th & 9th, 2019

    Forum Geesseknäppchen

  • Join us for this unique hackathon in Luxembourg organized by IT One, the first platform for ICT decision-makers in Luxembourg! Benefit from technical experts’ advice and exchange with other coding enthusiasts. Create your team or take part in a team and accept the challenge to develop an application in 24h.


    Test yourself, share and prove that you are the best developer in the competition.

    It will be fun, it will be geek, it will be hackathon!



    Game of Code is a coding competition. You will code in team of 3 to 4 people during 24h.


    Meet and exchange with other coding enthusiasts coming from all over Europe


    Get advice and support from technical experts all along this Hackathon, and discover new coding techniques


    Benefit from a free access to video games and food trucks for lunch.



    March 8th, 2019


    04:00 pm Doors opening

    04:50 pm Welcome words by Kamel Amroune, CEO, Farvest

    05:00 pm Conferences

    05:05 pm Keynotes

    05:45 pm Break and individual registrations' teams' constitution

    06:00 pm Official speech

    06 :05 pm Presentation of the challenges

    • Digital Lëtzebuerg
    • Docler Holding

    06:30 pm Beginning of the 24h coding


    March 9th, 2018


    06:30 pm End of the coding competition

    07:00 pm Pitch sessions

    08:30 pm Deliberation of the jury members

    10:30 pm Closing and Awards Ceremony

  • SPEAKERS 2018

    Luisa Silva

    Global Head Market Enablement, GTM and Startups Focus at SAP

    Luisa Silva is a computer science engineer, manager and startup mentor, with a passion for technology and innovation. Integrating the forefront of SAP’s Startup Focus program leadership, she is regular speaker at conferences, conventions and Entrepreneurship events.


    Luisa is a seasoned business strategist, an accomplished practice and team leader with 18 years of software industry innovation, business development, services, sales and management in Big Data, Analytics and in-memory computing.


    Since 2013, Luisa leads GTM at Startup Focus, SAP’s global accelerator for technology startups. In her role, she mentors, accelerates and recommends investment on next generation startup offerings based on market potential and transformational technology – SAP HANA platform. Success stories examples from her work are: Celonis, Semantic Visions, Meteo Protect, among others successful startups.

    Marton Waszlavik

    Lead Data Engineer, Docler Holding

    Philippe Nemery

    Presales Manager, Platform Solutions Group, SAP


    Philippe is helping companies digitalize their business with instant insights & foresights. By means of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Philippe help customer leverage their data to improve their business process and create new business models.

    Didier Heck

    SAP Digital Innovation System Presales Expert


    As an actual member of the SAP Presales team, Didier is helping customers and prospects to stay or become leaders in the new Digital Economy by innovating and differentiating themselves with our unique SAP Digital Innovation Platform capabilities.

    Eric Chaudron

    Directeur des Systèmes d'Information

    Groupe Bâloise Assurances, Luxembourg


    Machine Learning

    designed by Docler Holding


    In today’s rapidly changing world, machine learning is becoming a staple in technological advances. Currently, it is possible to run searches using only an image, use devices that recognize your voice, look up songs by recording what you hear on the radio, interact with social media that recognizes your face on photos, and add animated, 3D masks to your face via live chat.


    What is your challenge?


    Imagine your dream technological feature and present to us a new and original idea. Show us the amazing possibilities that Machine Learning gives us in the world of media, video, live stream, images, and audio.

    Keep in mind the following when completing this task:

    • You can use any open source library or machine learning platform (such as an API).
    • Free to prepare for the challenge, you may train your models in advance, prepare assets, and so on.
    • As for which platform and which programming language… it's all up to you!

    Think of this challenge as an MVP - you can present us something simple but amazing!

    Open Data Challenge

    designed by Digital Lëtzebuerg


    Achieving a sustainable lifestyle – inspiring people!


    Sustainability is one of the most important challenges of our time. Given in particular the continuous demographic and economic growth over the past decades in Luxembourg, a more sustainable lifestyle as well as a reduction of resources used have to become key issues in order to guarantee the country’s well-being in the future.


    In particular, Open Data and the derived knowledge are important enablers of a more sustainable development for Luxembourg. We believe in a hacker approach to sustainability: getting excited and building things, using open data and code, using computer technology in new and creative ways to change Luxembourg for the better.
    We expect from the Challenge teams new apps, services and visualisations that make use of or create Open Data to improve our social, economic and environmental behavior, for instance in terms of mobility, quality of life, or environmental footprint. Some examples of data that could be relevant for this topic include:

    • Public transport with real-time public transport data;
    • Data about zero and low emission vehicles, and public charging points for electric vehicles;
    • Suitability of public road infrastructure for cycling;
    • Land use plans
    • Real-time environment data: air pollution indexes, flooding data, 3D datasets; 
    • Crowdsourced real time sensor networks to measure the environment; 
    • Social cohesion statistics and housing data;
    • Public health statistics; 
    • Sustainable tourism information.

    Challenge participants are expected to make use of one or more datasets contained in the Open Data Portal of Luxembourg (http://data.public.lu), sponsored by the “Digital Lëtzebuerg” initiative. The best projects published as a reuse on the portal will get the opportunity to pitch to us for the development of their proof of concept into a finished product.

    For more details about the Open Data Challenge 2018 click here.


    designed by BEE CREATIVE


    Live smart with Kniwwelino


    Living a smart and sustainable life is one of the biggest topics in our day and age. Our future is built on using new technologies to improve our lives. We give you the opportunity to be a part of it.

    Learn how to see the world through the eyes of Kniwwelino – a micro-controller designed for young people. We will guide you through the basics of coding, so you can measure your surroundings. Ask yourself how you can live smart and design something to improve your life and the life of others. Bring in your ideas and visions and transfer them to your Kniwwelino using technology in a fun and creative way.
    Individuals and teams of youngsters aged 10-16 can join this Make@on.


    Additional details and application details are published here: www.bee-creative.lu/events/

  • JURY 2018

    Gilles Caspar

    Planification de la Mobilité, Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures


    Gilles Caspar works as expert for alternative fuels infrastructure and shared mobility in the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure.

    Yves Boland

    Designer, CTIE





    Yves Boland works for the Government IT Centre as expert in UI design for all Government websites & portals.

    Patrick Weber

    Technical Lead - Open Data initiative, The Luxembourg Government



    Patrick has been involved from the start in the Open Data initiative as a project manager, and has been working on the Geoportail.lu team since 2013.

    Francis Kaell

    Responsable de la division open data et accès à l'information, Information and Press Service of the Luxembourg Government

    Strongly involved in the government’s open data project since 2015, he led the implementation of a national open data portal in 2016 and accepted in 2017 the responsibility as head of the newly created Open Data division.

    Nina Burmeister

    Serge Linckels

    Luxembourg Ministry of Education

    Sergio Coronado

    Founder & Lead Coach, Luxembourg Tech School

    Lucien Reuter



    Kolos Kaszaly


    Docler Holding


    You can register individually or as a team from a company.


    Individual registrations are dedicated to students, job seekers.


    A company registration includes an access for your team and 3 supporters. This option will give you the opportunity to highlight your employees’ skills and your company’s expertise. Logo and presentation of your company will be on our communication supports and on the event website offering you a unique visibility.

    Teams should be composed of 3 or 4 people.


    They can be accompanied by a coach. Registration fee for the coach (including food and drinks for the 2 days) is €30 exVAT.


    Each company team will be able to welcome an external person on D-Day.


    Platinum Sponsors

    Gold Sponsor

    Bronze Sponsor

    Support Sponsor



  • FAQ

    How can I register?

    Please find a registration form here.

    Is the participation free?

    Registration fee is €30 exVAT. It offers access to the competition, food and drinks during the whole event. Please refer to the registration page for more information.

    How can I build my team?

    You can build it now by inviting your friends. You can also build it on-site, match making based on compatibility will be organized on the first day.

    Can I/my team come with a coach?

    You can register with your coach who will be able to accompany you during the whole challenge as well as pitch on stage if needed. Your coach participation (including food and drinks for the 2 days) will be charged €30 exVAT.

    Why should I register a team from my company?

    A company registration includes an access for your team and 3 supporters (meals included). This option will give you the opportunity to highlight your employees’ skills and your company’s expertise. Logo and presentation of your company will be on our communication supports and on the event website offering you a great visibility.

    I am a developer. What language can I use?

    There is almost no restriction. Every technology that can be read into a web browser or into a web view is allowed: JavaScript, PHP, Flash, Java, Python, Unity…

    I am a designer. Can I join the competition?

    You can take part in the challenge « Distorted Reality », open to every talent. Diversity brings great content.

    Should I bring my computer?

    Yes, it’s mandatory. No computer or software will be provided.

    Can I use pre-existing libraries/frameworks?

    No problem, if they are open source

    Is there wifi access?

    Yes, you will benefit from ethernet and wifi access.

    Can I bring and use some external devices?

    Yes, any device is welcome to enrich final user experience: Webcam, kinect, arduino…

    Can I participate with my team to the both challenges ?

    Yes. You will have to produce two applications in the same amount of time. If you plan to provide only one application for the both contests, pay attention to not be off-topic.

    If I want to register to the both challenges, do I have to pay twice ?

    No, the registration fee is for the whole event.

    How long does the competition last?

    The real challenge will begin on Friday at 6:30pm and end on Saturday, at 6:30pm. That means a total of 24h. But your presence is required during the whole event.

    How will the jury evaluate the competitors?

    The jury will be allowed to exchange with the competitors at any time of the competition. A deliberation session will take place on Saturday afternoon. The teams will have the opportunity to defend their project during a pitch session. The award ceremony will be held at 10:30pm.


    Please find the detailed programme here.

    Who are the jury members?

    The jury is composed of experts from different fields (code, design, security…). A full list of its members will be unveiled before the event.